Tautologic - West Is North, East Is South (CD)
Tautologic - West Is North, East Is South (CD)

Tautologic - West Is North, East Is South (CD)

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Tautologic's 2000 debut CD - West Is North, East Is South - features 12 original tracks and 4-panel landscape oil painted art by Ethan Sellers.

"Occasionally experimentation with new names reveals a hidden gem. Tautologic is one such case in point, where each and every track has had me completely blown away... music can be best defined as eclectic progressive rock with a healthy dose of folk rock with the group described as a cross between early Genesis, early Fairport Convention and a healthy dose of Stackridge. Basically the group sound very very British though they hail from Chicago, very late sixties stuff.... When considering that this is a debut album, the promise is great. Musically Tautologic have a lot to offer and are an extremely tight professional outfit."
-Nigel Camilleri, The Dutch Progressive Rock Page

"Tautologic brings a new twist to orchestral pop, melding a wide variety of musical styles with classical arrangements. Ethan Sellers sings in a Styx-like, operatic voice about everyday occurrences and topics, while a mini orchestra peppers each song with intriguing and often lovely, violins, cello, and keyboards. For example, on the folksy "Jim's Home Brew," he sings about his friend's beer recipe, while Jen Justice's pretty backing vocals, catchy piano, and charming strings flow throughout. The band also tackles psychedelica ("Hype Dark"), Celtic ("Glasgow Smile"), funk ("Love Bus"), space rock ("Tube Socks"), and classical pop ("Lazy Sundays," my favorite track), while Justice contributes gorgeous lead vocals to "The House Song." It sounds strange on paper, but the results satisfy more often than not. Thanks to Sellers's and Pat Buzby's songwriting talents and string arrangements, this debut is an impressive, if slightly twisted, modern-day "rock" opera."
-Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover

"There are not many heirs to Gentle Giant. This American band (a duo!) is paradoxically very close to the very British outfit... the music is more pop oriented by the format, often in the way of the Beatles ('Eleanor Rigby') or chamber music influenced... A great debut..."
-RR, Acid Dragon

"With its tightly scripted string arrangements and ambitious intelligence, Tautologic... is among the city's most original acts. This brilliantly sequenced, $15,000 independent album opens playfully and ominously with a complicated instrumental bit of modern orchestral dissonance, which then gives way to Sgt. Pepperesque, psychedelic Beatleism... The melodies have a distinctly traditional folk feeling, shaped by the apt use of classic meters (these guys have obviously been successfully exposed to the Great Books at University of Chicago)."
-Darryl Cater, ChicagoGigs.com

Track List:

Illusion of Progress
Hype Dark
Jim's Home Brew
Glasgow Smile
The House Song
Lazy Sundays
Tube Socks
You Know It
The Verdict
Love Bus
A Year's Journey

all songs written/copyright Ethan Sellers, except * copyright Patrick Buzby, and + copyright Daniel Veidlinger
artwork copyright 2000 Ethan Taylor Sellers


Ken Arai (cello)
Henry Bigelow (violin)
Pat Buzby (drums, keyboards)
Vince Canter (guitars)
Kristen Davis (viola)
Mick Hirsch (acoustic guitar)
Jennifer Justice (viola, vocals)
Becky Rule (violin)
Ethan Sellers (vocals, keyboards, guitar)
Daniel Veidlinger (bass, guitars)


Recording/Mixing Facility: Chicago Sound Factory
Producer: Ethan Sellers, with Patrick Buzby and Daniel Veidlinger
Engineer: Jonathan Heidelberger
Mastering: Dan Stout at Colossal Mastering